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Burglaries, unfortunately, are becoming more & more of a problem for residential premises as much as they are for commercial properties. Ordinary people are being targetted as an easy option for the thieves. It’s easy to think that it will never happen to you or you just do not get burglaries in your area, but that is when you are most vulnerable. It is a well known fact that if a burglar sees that a house has an alarm fitted he will simply move on to find easier pickings.

Intruder Alarms

Read Premises Protection can inspect your property & then give you valuable advice on the right system to suit your property & budget. An electronic security system will give you peace of mind while you are away from your home and confidence that you & your family are safe at nights while you are asleep.

Door Entry Systems

A Door entry system is the pefect way to control who is allowed to enter your premises. Appartment buildings, Social Clubs or any premises where you want to be in control without the need for a confrontation at the entry point. No need to employ expensive door staff as entry will be allowed remotely.

Automatic Gates

Automatic Gates are a good way of keeping you and your property safe, especially at night. No need to get out of your car to open or close the gates. In bad weather conditions just simply press a button on your key fob to open the gates and press it again to close them. Access can easily be given to family members as they can each have their own fob.
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